About Me

 As a kid and young adult, I had no natural instinct for relating to people - it was sort of like paint by numbers for me, I was such a nerd and felt so different and awkward. I tried a couple of careers and did fairly well in them but it wasn't until I dropped out of the corporate world and chose to invest everything I had in my journey of self-discovery that things started to come together.

I discovered that when we commit to something, the Universe says 'YES!' and doors opened to me that I had no idea even existed. Natural healing led to spiritual healing (Reiki), led to esoteric religion, to the ageless wisdom, to Astrology, to the 7 Rays and Esoteric Psychology, to Access Consciousness┬«,  to The Emotion Code - and all of them led to more joy in my life. I think I am discovering a spiral here, looping back on itself. All of these facets of my journey had two things in common:  making life-enhancing choices and finding ways to serve that use the very gifts that come from that awkward different-ness that was so painful to the younger me.

I feel so blessed and grateful to the people and places that have supported and encouraged me on my way. And I've gotten to live in beautiful Nova Scotia twice and have re-settled back in south-western Ontario nearer family and friends early in 2013. AND I am willing to travel. Who knows what other expansive things are out there to be discovered or places and people who need to hear or experience what I have to offer? How does it get any better than this?

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