July 16, 2015

So much for starting a new blog with any consistency - but then consistency on a daily event level is something I don't do often. In the things that enrich my life, I am enormously consistent - like meditation, life-long learning, healing of self and others, willingness to adventure in the worlds of consciousness and awareness, to name the ones that come quickly to mind.

Also, willingness to move. In less than a month, I will be moving (again) right into the city of London, ON which will bring me much less commuting time to be with the people and events that I love participating with and in - not to mention grocery stores, doctor, dentist, osteopathic manipulator and others. Effective August 12, I will be at my new address. Email addresses will not change, but the phone number will - to 519-673-4039, so please note that.

The 'new' apartment will be on the third floor and somewhat smaller than the one I am currently in, so I am in the process of divesting myself of stuff that I no longer use or things that no longer bring me joy. I have already made several trips to Goodwill and will soon be taking books to the second-hand bookstore that carries my kind of books - good fiction, self-help, and some esoteric books.

I am also enrolled in an 8 - week class/coaching event called Putting Your Knowing into Practice, facilitated by the amazing duo of Sabine Hildebrandt and Juna Guetter, both certified Access Facilitators, in London. Last evening was the first session and is probably the energizing and inspiration for me getting back to this blog. It was very rich - and is taking place on line as well as in London, so if the idea sings to you, check it out at Synergy in Motion. It's not too late to join. 

And the other piece of big news is that I have invested in the software for the healing process called The Body Code 2.0. The Body Code is a major expansion of the work that Dr. Bradley Nelson began with (and includes) the Emotion Code. Using the computerized 'Mind Maps' takes one into just about anything in the body/mind that can go off balance, allows one to identify the nature of the imbalance and provides a method to restore balance, without diagnosing anything. In my practice sessions to date, I have been astonished by what has come up and the effectiveness of the process, particulary in reducing or totally alleviating pain. Dr. Nelson says that anything can be connected to anything and my experience so far is proving him right. Emotions, diet/nutrition, pathogens, misalignments, etc. may be at the root of pain or disfunction and can be released so that the body is free to heal itself, which is how all healing takes place. Now, to get the word out so that others can choose to receive the benefits. That seems to be my achilles heel and the above coaching class is going to help me with that - at least that's my knowing right now.

So, back to the sorting and packing. I'll be back to report in after the move - and after my life transforms from participating in this play-shop (as contrasted with workshop) with Juna and Sabine. I am so grateful for my life and living and hope that you are finding lots to be grateful for in your life. Our joy is what allows our light to shine forth. 

February 3, 2015

It has been awhile since I was active on this site. I have done some minor editing and today - tada!! - I am beginning my first blog post. I am choosing to share some of my awarenesses in hopes that they may encourage - in the full sense of that word - others who happen on them. En-courage - to give heart to. In these days when we are becoming aware of so much awfulness in the world, we need encouragement to remember to look for all the good things around us and to do our gratefulness work. We find little cause for gratitude when we tune in to the so-called news of the day, so we have to look for it in our own life and in the lives of others we know. And it is helpful to make being grateful part of our daily work - a habit, in fact, or else it is so easy to forget to do it and then we become aware of how bummed out we are feeling. 

Sometimes my blogs may be long. Sometimes not. Today is going to be short as I ponder and ask the Universe what would be a contribution?  So I leave you with the encouragement to let your light shine forth, even if you feel as though you having a 'dim bulb' kind of day. It only takes one little candle to dispell the darkness.

2012 - 2014

Well, everyone predicted that 2012 would be a year of deep change and if my life is anything to go by, it certainly was. And the beat goes on . . . . . I experienced transformation which, as any butterfly would tell you if it could, can get right scary at times as the old self has a melt down and emerges as something quite different. The inner journey is deeply personal and cannot be put into words, only the outer changes that evolve from the inner ones. I came to realize how much I had stifled my emotional nature when I felt as though I was cracked open in a profound group meditation experience. Within days I was introduced to The Emotion Code, a form of energy healing that releases trapped emotions and frees up the trapped energy that was holding them in place. The immediate result of working this tool on myself was that my posture began to straighten out and suddenly I had a lot more vitality. I continue to do this work as there is so much to release - all the years of this lifetime and trapped emotions inherited from the ancestors or brought forward from past lives. To my delight, I discovered that the processing period that follows each Emotion Code clearing is greatly expedited by having your Bars run. So two of the modalities that I love neatly dovetail. AND the Emotion Code can be done just as well with people thousands of miles/kilometres away as sitting in the same room.

In the midst of all this inner transformation, I came to the awareness that my time in Nova Scotia was complete and it was time to move back to Ontario. I moved to tiny Ilderton, a few minutes north of London, ON. 

I am immensely grateful to Carol Layton and the team at Nan's Rock Shop and Spiritual Center for the fun and opportunity to serve and to grow together during the two and a half years I was in Nova Scotia. I have made new 'forever' connections there - and thank God for email and Skype!!

I will certainly continue to work with clients on line and, I suspect, out of my apartment, so I invite you to contact me by email ( or phone (519-298-3555) for any of the fun things I do to contribute to more ease, joy and glory (exuberant expression and abundance) for us all. How does it get any better than this?

Access Bars® Class!!   In this full-day class, you will learn how to do Access Bars® so easily you'll surprise yourself. The class includes me coaching y'all in the process, watching a DVD with the Founder of Access Consciousness® demonstrating the technique, you receiving and giving two full Bars sessions and receiving other information to assist you in running the Bars for family and friends, plus you will receive a comprehensive Manual and charts to take home. The Bars® are 32 bars of energy that run through and around the head. They store the electromagnetic pattern of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs you have ever had about anything. Running the Bars allows you to delete those old files that no longer serve you - in other words, as much change as you are willing to receive in any area of your life. Time: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. Cost: Adults $330. 16 - 18 year old $165. Children free. Registration required. Details will be provided upon registration. At this moment, no classes are scheduled, but they can be very quickly and easily. If you are interested, get in touch.

Continuing Study: I am continuing to  participate in a bi-weekly on line 'webinar' led by my friend Lawson Bracewell, founder of Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom near Christchurch, NZ. We are studying the book Treatise on White Magic by Alice Bailey and as I expected, it is proving to be a gold mine of new insights. Since I wrote this, Lawson has transitioned out of the earthly plane and Halina and Sheldon Hughes have picked up the ball.

I am seeing people in person or on line for sessions at my home in Ilderton, ON. To make an appointment you can call me at 519-298-3555 or email me: <>

I wish each and every person who visits this site (and everyone who doesn't as well) all the ease, joy and glory you can receive every day of this amazing adventure we are all doing called life. Truly, NAMASTE to all.

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